Gunnfjauns Kapell

Svante Pettersson


Margits Sånger



Ensemble Villancico


Jan Ekedahl

Ziya Aytekin

Burgess, Ådin & Wingård






Matts Arnberg (1919 – 1995) worked at the Swedish Broadcasting Company as a radio producer. From 1948 and twenty years forward he made collections that produced some 8000 folk music recordings, songs and tunes, now in the archives of The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research in Stockholm. In august 1956 he travelled round the Baltic island of Gotland and collected the remains of a musical tradition from days gone by. This record presents a selection of songs from these field recordings with 16 singers from all over the island, most of them born in the later part ot the 19th century. They were mostly peasants, living in the countryside or in small villages but among them there is also a carpenter, a salesman, a teacher, a quarryman, a fisherman and a dairy-maid. Arnberg thought that perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Gotland song tradition – at least regarding these recordings – was the degree in which it differs from the tradition of the Swedish mainland, not only in its linguistic dialect(s) but also regarding textual contents and melodies.

The singers are:

Patrik Lindby, Gammelgarn (1871-1960)
Emma Pettersson, Fleringe (1875-1958)
August Bodin, Hellvi (1871-1958)
Aron Gahrén, Garda (1882-1963)
Nina Wengberg, Klinte (1884-1970)
Elsa Sedergren, Öja (1903-1987)
Adolf Österdahl, Hall (1876-1960)
Sigrid Kindberg, Stenkyrka (1886-1977)
Alma Nyström, Garda (1885-1967)
Frank Landtbom, Fleringe (1895-1967)
Ida Landtbom, Fleringe (1889-1972)
Karl Lithberg, Öja (1896-1984)
Olga Pettersson, Lärbro (1877-1974)
Vina Pettersson, (1895-1975) och Hilmer Pettersson (1894-1983) Fleringe
Wilhelm Wessman, Fårö (1886-1958)




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